Thursday, August 22, 2002

WOW! "American Idol" was a true shocker last night with Tamyra being voted off! You could tell Nikki thought it was going to be her...again, but the public thought otherwise. I'd love to see the vote totals. I am sure we have not seen the last of Tamyra. The record execs are probably at her door today and with the backing of all three "American Idol" judges she has a bright future ahead of her. As for Nikki, she is unique and fresh and people like that. Critics should cut her some slack. She is no Tamyra, but then again Tamyra is no Nikki. What the hell was Justin wearing last night. He looked like he should be a Shriner Clown riding his little motorcyle in the local festival parade. Ugh, he annoys me!

Tonight, it's the amateur male strip contest at the Brass Rail in Minneapolis. The event is sponsored by Portfolio Men which is based here in the Cities. Hope this week's contestants are better than last week's (Can you say too fat, too skinny and too plastic??). Finals are next week so the competition should heat up. If it doesn't at least I'll have my sweetie and a cocktail to occupy me. Cheers!

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Well, this is debut. This will be a work in progress cuties so hang in there. I am not as savvy with the computer as my programmer husband-to-be so you can bet your sweet ass I will be abusing his talents . So, how about "American Idol"!?! That show has me hooked. Kelly shined last night and is my pick to take it all, but Miss Nikki was a close first runner-up! She was truly in her element last night and LOVING it! Tamyra is losing her appeal to me. Don't get me wrong...she has a magnificent voice, but she is leveling out too soon and becoming just a good voice. She needs to put some pizzaz into it. Then there is Justin. He is one of the most annoying, fake, cheesy, arrogant guys I have ever seen on TV. Justin, I know you say you are not full of yourself and you pretend to be open to the judges criticism, but you are a boring performer and come off as a jerk whether you intend to or not. TONIGHT'S PICKS...I fear that Nikki could lose the voting battle tonight despite her tremendous performance last night, but I think we will all be surprised to see Justin voted off tonight. Sorry little girls with tiny boobies, we older more experienced adults have outdone your efforts to speed dial 200 times a night to vote for Justin. He just isn't that good and you will realize that in 10 years when you have a clue. Tune in to see the American Idol "Results Show" is entertaining. Tootles for now.